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MathAltitude responds to the growing concern regarding the situation with mathematical education in America. We studied various programs offered throughout Worcester County and came up with a solution designed to augment existing math curricula in local public and private schools and to provide additional means for parents to extend their children’s horizons. The MathAltitude curricula were created based on the most effective European teaching methodologies that allow learning mathematics in a systematic, structured, and logical way.

MathAltitude is an independently owned and operated school and is not an educational franchise. While we recognize the necessity to use a well-established curriculum, there is no substitute for the power of the teacher-student relationship, individualized high quality instruction and parents’ participation in the learning process.

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Our Program is an adaptation of the best international practices in mathematical education of the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics built on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and ratified by the state in 2010.

We developed our program in collaboration with distinguished teachers of mathematics from the USA and Russia. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. L.A. Litvachuk and Dr. B.P. Geydman for their help and continuous support. The methods they developed and practiced in Russia and the USA inspired generations of students who are currently working all around the globe: America, Russia, Germany, Israel, Australia just to name a few countries.

Welcome to MathAltitude School of Mathematics the first after-school and weekend math enrichment program offering comprehensive mathematical education for kindergarten to high school age students in Worcester, MA. The school is conveniently located at the heart of the business district of downtown Worcester and serves the communities of greater Worcester, and surrounding towns of central Massachusetts, northeastern Connecticut and southern New Hampshire.

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Enrollment open for

2017-2018 School Year

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