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MathExploration Summer Program for Children Makes Learning Fun

WORCESTER, MA—Learning math during the summer really can be lots of fun—especially when your child attends the MathExploration program offered by the MathAltitude School of Mathematics.

The six-week summer program, which covers the math topics students study throughout the school year, offers collaborative activities, educational games, and fun learning exercises. There also are field trips to local museums, such as the Worcester Art Museum, EcoTarium, and Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Classes meet twice per week from Monday, July 6 to Friday, August 14, 2015. Registration is currently open.

"MathExploration is a great introduction to our regular program or an option to enrich your child's summer activities," says Olga Serebrennikov, Principal of MathAltitude School of Mathematics in Worcester.

"Studies do show that most students lose nearly two months of grade-level equivalency in mathematical computation skills during the summer months," she adds. "MathExploration keeps your child's math skills fresh so they do not forget what they learned during the last ten months of school and also prepares them for the upcoming school year."

The MathAltitude School of Mathematics is an after-school and weekend math enrichment program offering comprehensive mathematical education for kindergarten to high-school students at 35 Harvard Street in Worcester, Mass.

The school responds to the growing concern regarding mathematical education in America. "We studied various programs offered throughout Worcester County and developed a solution designed to augment existing math curricula in local public and private schools and to provide additional ways for parents to enrich their children's math education," Serebrennikov said.

"Our goal is to promote mathematical education and encourage more students to look at this often neglected subject more passionately," she adds. "We want children to embrace math, appreciate its beauty and become advocates for the importance of mathematics."

For more information about MathAltitude, the MathExploration Summer Program, 2015-2016 classes, and to schedule a free placement test, visit, call 860.375.3276 or email

MathAltitude School of Mathematics is a four-year-old independently owned and operated after-school and weekend math enrichment program in Worcester, Mass., offering comprehensive mathematical education for kindergarten to high school students.