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Press Release


MathAltitude School of Mathematics Participates in the 16th Annual International Mathematics Competition: Math Kangaroo 2013.  

(WORCESTER, MA) More than 50 students will meet at MathAltitude School of Mathematics on March 21st to participate in the 16th Annual International Mathematics Competition: Math Kangaroo 2013.

Math Kangaroo is an international competition in solving mathematical problems, organized for students in grades 1 through 12. It is very popular worldwide with over 6 million students from 52 countries taking part in 2012, with participants in the United States growing in numbers. MathAltitude School of Mathematics is the first official Math Kangaroo site in Worcester, and is hosting the competition in three sessions at its own location and also at the Tatnuck Magnet School.

 “We have elected to participate in Math Kangaroo because it provides the students with a unique way to experience mathematics,” said Olga Serebrennikov, Principal of MathAltitude School of Mathematics. “The students will challenge their intellectual curiosity and are encouraged to think outside-the-box.”

While all Math Kangaroo problems are grade-appropriate and should require no special math skills beyond what's learned at school, students would achieve better results if they apply logical thinking and deductive reasoning. “And this is one of the primary reasons for opening our school in Worcester,” said Serebrennikov, “We teach our students to understand mathematical concepts, apply them to real-life situations, systematically work on developing logical thinking, and ensure steady development of math skills”.

Concern over math education was Serebrennikov’s prime motivator in founding the MathAltitude School in 2010, as well as volunteering her time at Yeshiva Academy Mathcounts Club last year. “It is not a secret to anybody that students all across the country are struggling to become proficient in math,” she said. “While the situation is regrettable in general, and Worcester is not an exception, it is not productive to only complain about it.  It is time for our community to put an effort into helping to improve the situation. Participating in Math Kangaroo is certainly a step in the right direction.”

 “We are glad that the announcement has generated so much interest among parents. In addition to the students attending MathAltitude we have opened the doors for the entire community and rented additional rooms so more students can participate. We will be welcoming families from all over New England - from Brimfield, MA to Portsmouth, NH - with the majority of families coming from Worcester, Holden, and Shrewsbury.”

“The goal of MathAltitude is to promote mathematical education and encourage more students to look at this often neglected subject more favorably,” continued Olga Serebrennikov. “By teaming our effort with Math Kangaroo we will help our children to rediscover mathematics.”

About MK: “Math Kangaroo in USA” is a non-profit organization, NFP, 501(c)3 , the American chapter of the International Competition in Mathematics “Math Kangaroo” (see for more information).

About MathAltitude: MathAltitude School of Mathematics is the first after-school and weekend math enrichment program in Worcester offering comprehensive mathematical education for kindergarten to high school students (see for more information).